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Adding a North Arrow to a Multi-plot

Updated March 09, 2017

This article applies to:
  • Terrain 3D
  • Terrain Forestry
  • RoadEng Civil
  • RoadEng Forestry

The tutorial files referred to in this article can be installed from the Updates section of or from your CD/Flash Drive provided at time of software purchase. See Getting Started for additional information on tutorial files and the location of file install folders.

It is possible to add a north arrow to Multi-plot. The Terrain Module is shipped with several standard north arrows you can also create your own custom one. To add a North Arrow.

1. In Multi-plot window in Terrain (or RoadEng ) choose menu Edit | New Sub View | Terrain.

2. Browse and find file C:\Users\Public\Documents\softree\roadeng\Library\North1.ter. This will allow you to position a North Arrow on your Multi-plot sheet. You can also try file North2.ter.

3. If your plan view is rotated you can set the rotation angle.

Figure 1: Screen Layout file extensions